Children’s Playground

$ 55000

Campaign Target



$ 9900 to go

Children’s Playground

The Garden is in the process of raising $55,000 to install a children’s playground at the Historic Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden. Starting with a mission and zero dollars, we’ve worked tirelessly to raise the needed funds. With the aid of a Donor Match Challenge Program in the amount of $15,000, we have achieved significant progress.

The installation of the children’s playground will help increase garden memberships, provide an additional family benefit of that membership and provide a safe venue for the school children of the community.

An anonymous donor has already committed a $5,000 dollar-for-dollar donor match challenge. There is a short window of opportunity to raise the funds for this match. As we have already received the former $15,000 matching grant, we are confident this is achievable. But, we need your help!

The support of the Key West Botanical Society, Inc. has always depended on our community and our successes are because of the support of good people like you. Determined vital to the community and the future of our youth, their health, happiness and education, your support at this time will provide the funds needed to install a safe children’s interactive playground and earn a tax deductible donation letter for you.

If you would more information on how vital this project is to this organization’s success, feel free to contact the garden office at 305-296-1504 to discuss details and options. Naming rights for this project are on the table! A separate capital fund account has been established for the sole purpose of this project. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and your financial support to help protect and enhance this unique habitat in the Lower Keys.

Please consider donating to this project today!